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Carolina M. Billings holds a post-graduate degree in Human Resources and a CHRP designation. She has more than 15 years experience in the management of human resources and finance of small and medium-sized enterprises, the heart of the Canadian economy. Starting with a strong financial background attained after years of experience as a senior level CGA, she began to develop a great passion for strategic human resources, which are often not present in small and medium enterprises, but are such a strategic element of large corporations.

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I know why the caged tiger paces

I meet several people in my every day journey with different personalities and different competencies. We all know them, we are all one of them – we all play a role in the production that is life. There is an unwritten hierarchy and a natural order on how we all enter the stage and how

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On the lookout for the winds of change

Change arrives to an organization under several names.  Sometimes subtle: continuous improvement; new leadership: new legislation. Other times not so subtle: downsizing, restructuring, outsourcing, re-engineering. Some of the changes are reactive, a result of external forces that have already affected an organization’s performance. Other changes are proactive, initiated by the managers and leaders to take

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Employee or independent contractor? Food for thought relating to transportation professionals.

A recent conversation with a driver working in the transportation industry made me realize the complexity and varied types of relationship/engagement/employment agreements drivers utilize to fulfill the employer-employee role. In a two part series I will be discussing the different types of relationships, implications and commonly held myths and misinformation (to be the best of

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“A job is what you make of it”. 7 Tips on how to get out of a Professional Rot.

Either because of the economy, job attrition, lack of proper professional development programs or advancement opportunities at your current place of employment, maybe due to  lack luster leadership, lack of know-how or outright self-pity, a time may come when professional frustration and disenchantment sets in. It is not hard to recognize the signs of someone

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What makes a leader?

During a recent discussion with a respected supply chain colleague the topic of leadership turned into a very stimulating debate. The question on the table was:  Can you be considered a leader if you have no followers? During our most enjoyable exchange I spoke from the heart: Absolutely, I said.  Leaders are born, it is

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